Good Lawyers vs. Bad Lawyers, how to know the difference.

How do you know the difference between good lawyers and bad lawyers? In South Carolina Family Court and Probate Court, unlike criminal and civil court, we have judges instead of juries, and decisions are made based more on equitable discretion than legal predictability. This means what makes a good Family and Probate Court Lawyer is […]

Co-parent communication in an Emergency

Co-parent communication in an emergency is the last thing anyone going through a divorce wants to face.  However, life happens and emergency situations occasionally arise. When they do, how well you communicate is critical. Here are some helpful guidelines to keep in mind when coping with a co-parenting emergency. Remember how to A.C.T A.C.T. Is […]

Three’s a crowd in Divorce

Divorce involves your immediate family; it’s very common for your friends and other family members to feel like they need to choose sides, fight in your corner, and possibly even try and throw a few punches on your behalf.  While this may feel “supportive,” it’s actually very problematic for divorce proceedings. Mark Baer with the […]

10 Common Clichés Divorcees Use When Trying to Get Through Divorce

Let’s face it.  Your marriage wasn’t perfect.  Your divorce will not be either.  There are items to divide, emotions to deal with, and paperwork to sign.  Divorce isn’t pleasant, and sometimes the best way to deal with it is complete honesty.   A Huffington Post article by Randall Kessler broke down the 10 most common […]

The Keepers – Changing how we think about Primary Custodial Parents

In divorce, there is sometimes (not always) a vast disparity of responsibilities between the primary custodial parent and the secondary custodial parent. It may even appear the court holds the primary parent to a higher standard than the other parent. It is true, more is often expected of the primary parent. As the primary parent, […]

Helping Pro se Litigants Better Represent Themselves in Family Court

Last Saturday, Gregory Forman and I taught a seminar, hosted by Charleston Pro Bono Legal Services, aimed at helping Pro se litigants better represent themselves in the Family Court.  One of my inspirations for volunteering to help organize and speak at this seminar was a former client.  She came to me after representing herself in a […]

Seminar: How to Represent Yourself in Family Court

I am presenting at a Seminar focused on “How to Represent Yourself in Family Court” along with Gregory Foreman, P.C., on behalf of Charleston Pro Bono Legal Services on Saturday, June 10, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. at the Charleston County Public Library (68 Calhoun Street). We will be focusing on explaining family court procedure to […]

Recent Ruling on Privacy Laws Upholds No Right to Location Privacy

Privacy Laws and “Location Privacy” In May 2016, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on a case involving “cell site”  and location privacy information on the location of a criminal suspect’s mobile phone. The court ruled, 12-3, that police do not need to get a warrant in order to get mobile phone location […]

Parenting Agreements & Holiday Visitation

  Parenting Agreements Parenting agreements i.e. custody agreements, timeshares (or visitation schedule), decision making authority for schooling, medical care, & extracurricular activities as well as religious upbringing- remain a major issue in divorce today. Parenting Agreements in SC In South Carolina, there is a legal presumption that shared parenting (equal division of rights and responsibilities) […]

Divorce in the Modern World: I do. I did. I’m done.

Divorce in the Modern World Divorce in the modern world is considered a “traumatic life event” by psychologists and is viewed second only to a death in the family as a major life stressor. Divorce Statistics Although the U.S. Census Bureau has found that divorce rates in general have been dropping since 1996, there are […]