Our Favorite Lady of Justice and The Fearless Determination You Deserve 

I stumbled upon my favorite depiction of our Lady of Justice late one night, while battling the anxieties of my chosen profession. Lady Justice is portrayed as a confident, determined, and fearless young woman. She is vibrant, her eyes are focused (without a blindfold), she is strong, yet she is beautiful and feminine. In her left hand are the Scales of Justice, which she uses to weigh both sides of the story. She yields a sword in her right hand, giving her power to enforce the laws. Yet, it is justice, not power, that interests her. Under foot, she crushes injustice, while triumphantly conquering all who might have sought to intimidate, prejudice, or corrupt her. She appears insightful, as she stands stoically, with her eyes fixed on Evil, ready to protect the forces of Good with her sword. 

This depiction of our Lady of Justice hangs in my office as inspiration to push beyond the obvious within each of my cases, and fight on behalf of my clients with fearless and confident determination.
She reminds me to insist on a balanced examination of the facts, and reasonable application of the law in order to ensure my clients get what they deserve. 

I am ever mindful, even in the dark late night hours, of my duty to seek justice for my clients. I take very seriously the trust my clients have in me. It is when they are most vulnerable that they need me to empower them. It is under the worst circumstances that they rely on my strength and insight. 

When you hire me to represent you, your problems become my problems – whether you’re going through a divorce, custody dispute, probate litigation, recovering from injuries sustained in a car accident, or seeking guardianship and/ or conservatorship of a loved one. I will represent you with fearless determination to get the justice you deserve.