Good Lawyers vs. Bad Lawyers, how to know the difference.

How do you know the difference between good lawyers and bad lawyers?

In South Carolina Family Court and Probate Court, unlike criminal and civil court, we have judges instead of juries, and decisions are made based more on equitable discretion than legal predictability. This means what makes a good Family and Probate Court Lawyer is different in many ways from our Civil and Criminal colleagues. In Family and Probate Court . . .

Good lawyers advise their clients that peace has value. Bad lawyers encourage their clients to fight over every minute detail to the bitter end.

Good lawyers tell their clients the good, the bad and the ugly. Bad lawyers only tell their clients what they want to hear.

Good lawyers look for ways to resolve the conflict. Bad lawyers look for ways to gain an advantage.

Good lawyers prepare for the worst. Bad lawyers only anticipate the best.

Good lawyers foresee the impacts an outcome will have on their client and their client’s children for years to come. Bad lawyers are nearsighted.

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