Why Choose Ms. Adkins?

Mediation is a structured and non-confrontational process that allows parties an opportunity to craft an agreement that works for them and their unique family. Mediation is different from hiring attorneys, going to court, and letting a judge decide your fate. The mediator does not represent any party, but remains neutral. The mediator also does not make any judgment or decisions – she simply identifies the points of disagreement and helps the parties craft a unique agreement that will help fix what is broken, so the parties can begin to move forward.

When you mediate a dispute, it’s your opportunity to write the next chapter of your life, instead of waging war in court and letting a judge declare the winner and loser. Mediation is often quicker and less expensive than litigation. It also gives you control over the outcome. Parties who engage in mediation control their own fate. They have the power to craft a unique solution that fits their family.

Our Attorney, Dana Adkins, is a Certified Family Law and Probate Mediator.  Ms. Adkins completed time-consuming and in-depth training that gave her the tools necessary to resolve disputes using the best mediation techniques. She approaches mediation with an emphasis on compassion and candor. Ms. Adkins believes mediation is a chance for parties to move forward toward a happier life. She will utilize tools tailored to meet your deeds, and help you find the individualized resolution to resolve your legal dispute.   Ms. Adkins also understands how busy everyone is and will be glad to schedule mediation after-hours or on weekends.

Parties can contact our firm directly or, if they are represented, their attorneys may reach out to schedule mediation. You can mediate before or after you have initiated a case in the courts. It is helpful if you provide Ms. Adkins a brief summary of your position prior to mediation. The costs for mediation must be paid in advance and will vary depending on how much time is reserved. Ms. Adkins also offers reduced rate mediations for those who demonstrate financial hardship through the Mediation and Meeting Center of Charleston.

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